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Sorting in Space
4 ore
The representation of spatial data is an important issue in game programming, computer graphics, visualization, solid modeling, and related areas including computer vision and geographic information systems (GIS). Recently, there has been much interest in hierarchical representations such as quadtrees, octrees, and pyramids which are based on image hierarchies, as well as methods that use bounding boxes which are based on object hierarchies. The key advantage of these representations is that they provide a way to index into space. In fact, they are little more than multidimensional sorts. This seminar provides an overview of hierarchical spatial data structures and related algorithms that make use of them. Hierarchical representations of points, lines, collections of small rectangles, regions, surfaces, and volumes are described. In addition, a demonstration of the SAND spatial browser based on the SAND spatial database system and of the VASCO JAVA applet illustrating these methods will be presented.
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