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Wireless Sensor Networks and Related Application
4 ore
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is considered as one of the important and fast growing technologies that are penetrating in almost every aspects of life. The prospect reflects future potential equivalent to that of the Internet. Research and development of concepts related to Sensor Network are driving towards taking the experiments from the lab into the field. Wide range of testbeds has been established for remote testing of design ideas on various physical environments. Virtual support for extending the capabilities of such environment has also been explored. Areas like energy saving/harvesting, localization, time synchronization are important parameters of the system design. While designers are trying to benefit from existing experience gained within the field of communication networks and in-particular with QoS approaches, experience has proven that this technology has its own uniqueness and should have different attention. The course will provide introduction and key highlight to the Wireless Sensor Network technologies. It will also introduce the area of WSN testbeds and remote connectivity. Further the course will provide highlight into few examples taken from the experience of SeNSe research lab. These include microclimate weather monitoring and wildfire hazard detection, spatial mapping and cool stores thermal mapping, Wild life localization and opportunistic connective and others.
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