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Stochastic Simulation
4 ore
Discrete-event simulation has become the most commonly used tool for performance evaluation of stochastic dynamic systems in science and engineering, including such complex systems as modern multimedia telecommunication networks. In this lecture, we will discuss main problems and solutions of quantitative stochastic discrete-event simulation, i.e. the stochastic simulation in which the emphasis is put on statistical correctness of the final results.
Whole spectrum of the problems will be covered: from generators of pseudorandom numbers to methods of controlling precision of the final results in sequential stochastic simulation conducted in a distributed mode on multiple computers of a LAN. The latter will be discussed in the context of MRIP (Multiple Replications in Parallel) scenario, which allows to speed up stochastic simulation by launching multiple simulation engines cooperating in production of data for central analysers. The lecture will conclude with a survey of open research problems of quantitative stochastic simulation.
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