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Risk Management: practices and promises
4 ore
Lecture will cover the history of past, present and future Risk identification and management. Topics such as: Changes and lessons learned over the last couple of decades. We will follow the history of Mars Landers, Rovers and Orbiters from Mars Pathfinder to today’s Curiosity and the changing environment for safety, cost and performance of these missions. Questions to answer: Is zero risk a realistic goal?  What’s the difference between risk and safety? Are risk and safety linearly correlated? 
In the past decade, Risk Management has progressed within the space flight community especially within the Mars Exploration Program. Today every flight project has Risk Management identified as a specific activity. The focus is on improving and increasing planetary exploration by minimizing mission’s cost and unfortunate incidents. In other words the big challenge is: risk reduction without budget inflation.
In the past decade, flight projects have changed their approaches to conducting missions as a result of cost caps and compressed schedules. The problem with scaling back an effort is that it triggers risk scales in the opposite direction. On the contrary, light projects need to reduce risk factors associated with personal performance, interfaces, operational processes, and system implementation.
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