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Information Infrastructures: assessment of vulnerability and risks in critical systems for citizen safety
2 ore
Our society is now critically dependent upon the information infrastructure. This has emerged in the last decades from the convergence of the old telephony systems with the Internet, and includes also satellite, navigation and positioning, and broadcast services. Nobody masters this infrastructure, as it is concurrently built up by many actors relying on some basic standards. And there is no social or economic activity that cannot be seriously affected by a failure of this infrastructure, even threatening the stability and well being of citizens and countries. Therefore there is an urgent need to systematically analyze the vulnerabilities and the potential threats that can impair its correct functioning. A full-fledged scientific approach to this problem is still lacking. Due to the continuous evolution of the information and communications technologies, analytic approaches are insufficient. In this talk, the speaker will discuss the role and potentialities of experimentation.
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